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Webinars - Kerio Connect

Protecting your Kerio Connect Server from Spam and Mail Abuse

In this webinar you will learn about the various types of spam, how spammers operate, and what you can do to protect your email system from spam and mail abuse.

Using Common Clients with Kerio Connect

In this webinar you will learn about the configuration of common clients with Kerio Connect. Additionally, you will learn how to optimize the user experience.

Kerio Connect Multi-Server

In this webinar, we will present and demonstrate the Multi-Server option in various environments and deployments.

Usage of Clients

We demonstrate how to schedule meetings, setup mail rules/filters, and more with the most common clients.

Kerio Connect - Performance Optimization

In this webinar we will discuss and demonstrate best practices for ensuring long-term quality and performance of Kerio Connect.

Working with Kerio Connect Client

Learn how to take full advantage of the many features available, and how it compliments, or may even replace your desktop email software.

Ensuring Reliable Email Delivery

We cover the steps you can take in order to guarantee your message lands safely in recipient's mailbox.