Recently GFI MailEssentials users may have experienced disruption to their service. We are happy to report that this is now resolved. If you have temporarily disabled Bitdefender, please re-enable it and your email service will resume. If you continue to experience any problems, follow this guide to manually update Bitdefender definitions.

Screenshots - GFI MailEssentials

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  • Multi server setup
    Multi server setup
  • Anti-malware actions
    Anti-malware actions
  • Anti-spam actions
    Anti-spam actions
  • Anti-spam filters
    Anti-spam filters
  • Attachment filtering
    Attachment filtering
  • Bayesian analysis
    Bayesian analysis
  • Dashboard
  • IP DNS Blocklist
    IP DNS Blocklist
  • Language detection
    Language detection
  • SpamTag
  • Multiple virus scanning engines
    Multiple virus scanning engines
  • Whitelist
  • Quarantined emails
    Quarantined emails
  • Trojan and executable scanner
    Trojan and executable scanner
  • Users review spam
    Users review spam
  • Reports
  • SpamRazer

Block email-borne viruses, malware and spam at server level with one powerful solution.

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