Recently GFI MailEssentials users may have experienced disruption to their service. We are happy to report that this is now resolved. If you have temporarily disabled Bitdefender, please re-enable it and your email service will resume. If you continue to experience any problems, follow this guide to manually update Bitdefender definitions.

Screenshots - GFI Archiver

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  • View current settings
  • Administrator login
  • Email codes
  • Monitor operations from the dashboard
  • User login
  • View configured servers from where emails are archived
  • View available archive stores
  • Outlook integration with stub free technology
  • Advanced archived email search
  • Access control configuration
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Audit archived email
  • Audit configuration
  • Configure archiving method
  • Configure IMAP for email client integration
  • Give viewing rights
  • View configured retention and spam policies
  • Calendar view
  • Update retention policies
  • File view
  • Simple archived email search


Archive email, files and calendars for productivity, better management and limiting legal risk by achieving compliance.

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MailInsights screenshots (Click any thumbnail for an enlarged view.)

  • Communication flow report
  • Storage use report
  • Webmail use report
  • Inappropriate words report
  • Inactive accounts report
  • Email responsiveness report