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Documentation- GFI Archiver

  • Datasheet/Brochure

    Learn how GFI Archiver can help you through this brief product overview.

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  • File Archive Assistant – Fact Sheet

    Learn how the File Archive Assistant helps you archive all your important company files in one secure, compliant and searchable location.

  • SmartGuide

    Use this guide to get an overview of GFI Archiver and plan for a successful deployment.


  • Evaluation Guide

    Get the most from your 30-day trial of GFI Archiver.

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  • Administrator Guide

    Find out how to configure GFI Archiver. Create new email retention and spam policies, modify user access and tweak settings according to your requirements.

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  • User Manual

    Learn how to use GFI Archiver, from logging in to performing simple or advanced searches, generating GFI MailInsights reports and changing user preferences.

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  • GFI Archiver and Office 365: Deployment Guide

    Discover how to setup GFI Archiver to archive email from Exchange Online.

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  • Outlook Connector Manual

    Learn how to use and configure the GFI Archiver Outlook Connector, a plug-in that synchronizes GFI Archiver with Microsoft Outlook®.

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  • Archive Assistant Guide

    Guides you through using the GFI Archiver archive assistant.

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  • How to set up a new SQL Server Instance

    How to create a new SQL Server Instance in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server Express.


  • API Manual

    Learn how to programmatically fetch and search for emails from the Archive using the GFI Archiver XML Web Services API.


    Download sample: C# | VB.NET

  • File Archive Assistant Guide

    Learn how to configure and use the GFI Archiver File Archive Assistant to archive files from any location on your machine.

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