SMS (text) messaging

With the explosion of mobile devices, businesses find SMS communication, or texting, highly valuable for reaching employees, customers and partners quickly and efficiently.

SMS is an extremely powerful, targeted form of communication, giving businesses the ability to reduce appointment no-show rates, communicate promotions, update customers on service calls, notify employees of critical events or simply provide useful information.

GFI FaxMaker’s SMS gateway enables you to send SMS messages directly to mobile phones using the email client on your desktop. Companies can also automate sending SMS via GFI FaxMaker’s rich API set.  GFI FaxMaker supports multiple GSM devices and SMS providers concurrently, allowing for business-level volume text messaging.

GFI FaxMaker offers integration with MessageMedia SMS services, offering global SMS reach with guaranteed message delivery. For more details on the SMS text messaging service and a free trial, click here.

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