Hybrid faxing

Combine GFI FaxMaker’s powerful feature set with the ease and simplicity of cloud-based fax services.

GFI FaxMaker can send and receive faxes via two online fax services (Hybrid faxing), eliminating the need for fax hardware and phone lines. GFI Online Fax Services and etherFAX replace the need to integrate with phone systems and use costly fax hardware.

GFI Online Fax Services is a secure, web-based communication system facilitated over https. It is available in the US, Canada and various European countries (Austria, Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and UK). GFI FaxMaker sends and receives faxes to and from the service. From there, the fax is sent or received over traditional TDM networks, eliminating the need to connect phone lines and fax boards to the fax server. Learn more

etherFAX service is a communication system facilitated over https with additional “defense-in-depth” encryption semantics, ensuring that every transaction is secure. Faxes are transmitted over traditional phone lines from there, eliminating quality of service (QoS) issues. This service is available in the US and Canada. Customers have the options to choose Canadian or American data centers when country specific data integrity is required. Learn more

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