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Fax printer drivers for secure faxing

GFI FaxMaker has two distinct printer drivers for secure faxing. 

Printing a fax message to the GFI FaxMaker printer driver

The first is a network printer driver that automatically sees the fax number within the document you are printing to fax, and sends to the fax server for faxing. This is ideal for printing directly from within applications, reducing time and effort to send faxes.

The second is a local printer driver available when you install the GFI FaxMaker client. This enables you to fax from virtually any application, renders the fax client side and securely delivers to the fax server via https or email. You can use your outlook contacts, GFI FaxMaker address book or manually enter fax number and recipient information. The GFI FaxMaker client also includes options to choose a specific cover page, set priority, or add a billing number to your fax communication.

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