Application and multifunction device integration

GFI FaxMaker's powerful APIs enable you to integrate third-party applications that fully automate sending and receiving faxes. Integrating fax technology reduces the time and cost of manually delivering documents of value, and increases security and privacy of the information you share with customers and business partners. Many leading EHR, ERP vendors have integrated faxing with their applications through the GFI FaxMaker APIs.

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GFI FaxMaker also integrates with Nuance eCopy ShareScan SDK, and supports multifunction devices (MFDs) from Canon, HP, Konica, Minolta, Ricoh and Xerox. Your MFDs can communicate with GFI FaxMaker to send faxes from the same system as your users and applications. Doing so eliminates the need for dedicating multiple phone lines to various devices, enabling you to centrally log, archive and retrieve all faxes.

Download the eCopy Share Scan Connector here

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