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Screenshots - GFI FaxMaker

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  • Monitoring queued fax
  • Monitoring the status of fax lines
  • Client address book
  • Composing fax message via client
  • Composing text (SMS) message via client
  • Reports interface
  • Customize Reports
  • Fax usage reports sample
  • Report scheduling
  • Archive viewer
  • Configuration wizard hardware
  • MessageMedia SMS configuration
  • GFI FaxMaker configuration
  • Application integration using NetPrintQueue2FAX
  • Supports Brooktrout and ISDN fax cards and modems
  • Junkfax filter: Block unwanted faxes
  • Configure which users can send and reveive SMS messages
  • Create cover pages for groups of users
  • Send from Outlook
  • Receive faxes directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • View faxes in the PDF viewer
  • Send SMS from Microsoft Outlook
  • Send and receive faxes over an online fax service

Automate business faxing processes to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

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