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Bring your own fax number or take a new one

When you sign up for a GFI FaxMaker Online account, you receive one free fax number with the service. As a result, you can continue using your existing fax number while transitioning to the new service and number. If you wish to use your existing fax number with the service, you can port your fax number to the GFI FaxMaker Online fax service (fees apply).

Bring your own fax number or take a new one

Changing a fax number is often inconvenient, especially if the number has been in service for many years. GFI FaxMaker Online allows you to port your existing fax numbers to the service, which means you won’t experience any disruption.

You can also request additional fax numbers as your business grows. Note: Extra fax numbers are charged on a monthly, per-number basis.

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