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Case studies and testimonials - GFI FaxMaker Online

IT Central Station Review: M-Livingstone

We use the solution to meet compliance or regulatory requirements

Michael Livingston

IT Central Station Review: Stable Solution

The support is good for GFI and its products


IT Central Station Review: A-Wittich

We needed a project which reliably transfers faxes from the fax gateway into our document management system

Axel Wittich

IT Central Station Review: H-Haug

We are saving 900 euros a month

Herbert Haug

FrugalBrothers Software

One of the cool things about FaxMaker is it works with any email server.

Bruce Naylor


The products are working almost alone and don’t need a lot of time to monitor. Our IT is safe.

Lars Jakubowski

Environment Canterbury

There were no problems with compatibility of any component.

Alan Warne

Windsor Health Plan, Inc.

Productivity gains through the packaging of supporting medical documentation into a single outbound response have been significant.

Barry Shermer

Bordeaux Tradition

We found GFI FaxMaker to be very user-friendly, just like a printer.

Frédéric Bernard

Panhandle State Bank

We have eliminated all but two physical fax machines and have saved countless dollars in reduced paper usage.

Robert Parsons

Casa de la Luz

I wish the other systems I supported were as good as yours.

John Cohen

U.S. Poultry & Egg Association

Within two months of installing GFI FaxMaker we have seen an almost immediate ROI.

Jason Rivera

Divex Ltd.

We have found these products [GFI MailEssentials and GFI FaxMaker] essential to our core communications network

Sarah Forbes

South Valley Water Reclamation Facility

Your GFI FaxMaker on the other hand installed without a hitch, no tech support needed, just follow the bouncing ball.

John P. Hunter, P.E.

Internal Revenue Service

GFI FaxMaker was a breeze to install and configure and we have had no problems with it at all.

Debbie Sexton

Ormond Stock Associates Ltd - Consulting Engineers

The most complete and comprehensive answer I have received from a support system anywhere, any time.

Ormond Stock

KazMax Ltd

It has proven to be easier to set up than other solutions and its integration with SMTP servers makes it real simple.

Andrew McKay MIAP

Biosphere 2 Center

GFI FaxMaker has provided us with the solution we needed.

Joe Martinez

Vital Health Foods

We have been using GFI FaxMaker for a few years and this is a hassle-free and great product to use.

Robert van Endt

TED Commerciale srl

It is the first time we are installing a fax server product that works right away.

Ing. Paolo Bocci

Pinnacle Communications

It's refreshing to see outstanding products such as yours continue to improve, and yet remain affordable.

Dan West

Madison Europe

We have found GFI FaxMaker a joy to use. Setup was straight forward compared to competitive products.

Neil Pollicott

Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook

GFI FaxMaker allows our staff to be working rather than waiting around a fax machine.

William Thomas

Attorney At Law

GFI FaxMaker provides truly seamless integration between email and faxing. GFI FaxMaker is easy to set up and configure.

Gordon E. R. Troy

Eastman & Smith Ltd.

It is the finest fax server software on the planet as far as I am concerned.

Michael D. Root

Hanson Pipe & Products

GFI FaxMaker [...] has proven to be very stable and easy to administer.

Geof Kearns

PAA Services Inc.

GFI FaxMaker was easy to install and gave our users greater control over their faxes.

Thomas Sworen

Chester Plastics

GFI FaxMaker is an awesome product! Very simple to use and configure!

Steven Poole

Vandeputte International

Great product, intelligent, high performing and hassle free operation of both fax and SMS messaging.

Raf Penders

ACW Technology Ltd

Users can send and receive faxes through a familiar email interface wherever they are.

Bill Lupton

BDO Dunwoody

GFI FaxMaker is very easy to learn and all of our users enjoy sending and receiving faxes from their computer.

Val Aldous

Pelican Insurance Agency

GFI FaxMaker for Networks/SMTP is exactly the fax server solution our organization has been searching for.

Corey Ribner