Fax technology isn't completed dead. It is still used in the finance industry.

The Youmex finance group is made out of a group of finance specialists covering a broad range of financial services. The group has been operating for more than 10 years as a finance platform. We started our success story with GFI MailEssentials. A few years later we got the new Cisco telephone system, Cisco Core Manager. Before we had a lot of stationary faxes in a lot of different offices. FaxMaker worked perfectly with the system and needed no additional hardware. We installed the software directly on our exchange mail server and configure the Cisco API to send and receive faxes.

One of the key benefits is the easy implementation in an existing environment. No configuration changes were necessary and the administration is minimal. FaxMaker helps us to reduce the local fax system to a minimum. The users receive their faxes directly in their outlook Printing faxes is no longer needed. Our users can send faxes from any application with the printing function because we have installed the printing fax driver from FaxMaker. We save a lot of money on paper in fax system and this has reduced our costs immensely.

Finding a GFI Partner was very easy. The pricing was very easy and planning our budget was very easy too. Before you place an order, we got to test the software for 30 days. This is a great benefit to test the software.

Compliance is a big issue in the finance industry. With fax protocols and the integrated faxMaker database, we can ensure compliance

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