Hi I'm Julia from GFI. I'm here with William our GFI FaxMaker specialist. William is going to talk to us about the actual process of sending a fax using GFI FaxMaker.

William hi, could you show us how to send a fax if you were an end user of GFI FaxMaker?

Right so most common amongst all users using their email client be it Outlook or their email clients of choice. So we're going to just start up a new email, enter the fax number to which we want to send this you'd normally put in the fax number followed by faxmaker.com. Enter the subject you'd like to put into your fax, and in the message body just like you type out in your email you'd put in any text you want within your fax. You can then if you like. attach a file. An actual PDF?

PDF or a Word file whatever you prefer it can be an image And basically just click on Send and away goes the fax Essentially the email is now being received by the FaxMaker server which converts it into a faxible format and faxes that away to the destination to which you then get a confirmation email. There we have. That is the confirmation email confirming the user, the destination, how many pages were contained in the fax and the time that was taken to transmit that fax to the destination.

Tell me William is it possible to send a fax through GFI FaxMaker using a browser?

Yes using the latest version of GFI FaxMaker we have got a web browser option, so essentially load your browser, enter the IP address for the fax maker machine slash faxmaker slash client and you can login using the credentials which your administrator has provided you with.

Once you're logged in you get a very familiar web looking, very much gmail style office 365 style look, and essential all you need to do is create the recipient or search for recipients you can add your own address book. I can create a new contact so Enter a company name or department followed by the fax number, this is the base requirement You can save the contact either as a private contact so it belongs to that user alone, or it's share corporate at a public level, save that contact select the contact for the particular fax enter the subject for the fax you want to send, and then very simply we can either attach a file or just drag-and-drop the attachment you'd like to send and essentially just hit on send and your fax is at the FaxMaker server and you're good to go.

Tell me William does GFI FaxMaker offer automation services for larger corporations you need to send out bulk faxes?

When a company requires to send a large volume of fax we do offer three systems one is know as Text API another XML API and Web Services API there are three different methods of sending depending on what type of in-house systems the administrator might already have so they can mix and match according to their requirement. The context of the three of them is pretty much the same from a sending perspective. It's gonna have the destination number, destination name, subject the sender's email address, fax number etc and any references to the attachments that need to be contained within that fax. If those are put in a particular folder configured in the Advanced section of FaxMaker FaxMaker will keep on polling or checking the folder if you like for any faxes to be sent out, pick them up from that folder, process them and actually spool them off into the faxing queue to get them sent out.

Ok fantastic thank you very much William.

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