Hi it's Julia from GFI. I'm here with William our GFI FaxMaker specialist. William is going to talk to us about connectivity in GFI FaxMaker.

William to start off with a quick question what are the different types of connectivity options available in GFI FaxMaker?

Right GFI FaxMaker allows you the use of any technology going back from technologies coming in from the past thirty forty years a typical analog lines we find in any home or any small office all the way up to the latest digital lines, Fax over IP options as well as cloud faxing Essentially if we talk about the analog lines we can use anything from USB, USB modems to RS232 modems so any hardware you might already have on the shelf you can actually re use with your existing lines at a minimal expense going up to digital or PRIE1T1 lines which are usually available in larger enterprise, and you've got devices which are various choices you can have internal devices so they are within the FaxMaker server alternatively as external devices depending on the administrators choice, any type of device they might already have from some previous project or unused piece of hardware going up to Fax over IP lines which could be connected to your PBX or directly to VOIP provider and also the faxing over the cloud were there's no infrastructure in-house other than the FaxMaker server and you're obviously leveraging cloud technology together with GFI FaxMaker.

Okay that's fantastic, are you seeing a shift away from digital than analog connectivity options?

As telecos upgrade their infrastructures they're trying to avoid the installation of fiber so analog lines are being seen as diminishing digital lines are also popular however we're starting to see a strong shift towards Fax over IP where the one major line is coming into the businesses PBX and then basically connect FaxMaker up to their PBX for Fax over IP technology alternately Fax over IP directly to a faxing provider and more popularly so now is the faxing via the cloud so you've got all the functionality of GFI FaxMaker installed on your on-premise server however then leverage the cloud facilities for larger line capabilities redundancy of servers and similar limits. Okay that's fantastic thank you very much William.

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