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Welcome to GFI Prime, our customer loyalty program. At GFI Software we are always seeking new ways to grow and add more value to the relationship with our customers. With this mind, we are happy to offer GFI Prime.

What is GFI Prime?

GFI Prime is a customer loyalty program, designed to ensure that customers who continue to do business with GFI are generously rewarded. Through this program, our most loyal customers will gain special access to a selection of our solutions for free!

How does GFI Prime Work?

If you have been a GFI customer for more than 1 year, you are eligible to become a part of the GFI program GFI Prime members will be able to access a select group of GFI products from our GFI software solutions for FREE. Yes, it’s that simple! No commitments and no fine print.

How to join GFI Prime

Many are already eligible! Customers who qualify are automatically GFI Prime members:

  • Customers who have owned a qualifying GFI Prime product* for more than 1 year are automatically GFI Prime members.
  • New business customers who wish to become members of this program immediately, may do so by purchasing a qualifying product with a multi-year license.
  • Customers who are still within the first 12 months of license will become eligible for GFI Prime immediately after they newnew their qualifying product.

GFI Prime products are valid for as long as customers continue to renew their qualifying products. Therefore, to remain a GFI Prime member, customers must continue to renew their product each year.


* Excludes sub-editions (GFI MailEssentials Anti-Spam, GFI MailEssentials EmailSecurity, GFI WebMonitor for TMG WebFiltering, GFI WebMonitor for TMG WebSecurity) -- only GFI MailEssentials/Webmonitor "Unified Protection editions qualify".

Terms and conditions apply.


See how it works


Renew your product license(s) beyond your initial first year/subscription(s) OR purchase a new product with a multiple year license.

To manage your GFI Prime account, simply access your GFI Software account.

GFI Prime products are free as long as you continue to renew your qualifying GFI Prime product.

What's available in the GFI Prime program

Currently, the free GFI Prime products are:


Archiving for productivity, management and compliance

Learn more about GFI Archiver


Access control and portable storage security

Learn more about GFI EndPointSecurity


Active network monitoring and log data analysis

Learn more about GFI EventsManager


Web Security, internet monitoring and access control

Learn more about GFI WebMonitor


GFI Prime includes the same number of units/seats for the license/subscription equal to the qualifying product at the time of renewal.

If a customer already owns one of the above featured GFI Prime products, it will not be available through their GFI Prime membership. Customers who terminate their existing paid license will not be able to select the same GFI Prime product for 12 months after termination of license. Essentially, this means that it is not possible to stop renewing a product, in order to claim it as free under the GFI Prime program.

Please note that GFI will provide free product resources such as help, eLearning and training, and knowledge base. GFI Prime free products will stay up to date with free version upgrades and free new releases as they become available, ensuring customers get access to all new features and quality improvements. Technical support is not included for any of the free products licensed under the GFI Prime program.

Benefits of GFI Prime

Massive cost savings - GFI Prime saves you money by providing enterprise-class full-featured products completely free.

Unconstrained capacity - GFI Prime provides you with matching user seats in your free product. So you can get the same capacity in both products.

It keeps getting better - As GFI’s product portfolio grows, more products will be included in GFI Prime, and you will get access to more free products.

To learn more about your GFI Prime benefits simply access your account portal or get in touch with your trusted GFI Partner today!

Frequently asked questions

Is GFI Prime available for new customers?
GFI Prime is a loyalty program and is available to existing customers. However, new customers may get immediate access to GFI Prime if they purchase a multi-year license of a qualifying product.

Can customers stop paying maintenance and continue to retain their GFI Prime membership?
No. Once a customer stops renewing maintenance on their qualifying product, they are no longer a GFI Prime member and will lose all benefits.

If I currently own 2 (two) GFI products, can I simply renew one of them and not the other, and use my GFI Prime status to receive the second product for free?
No. You must renew both products, and you will receive an additional 2 (two) free GFI Prime products in return. To select a product as a free version, customers cannot have owned or paid maintenance on that product for at least 12 months.

Why is GFI Software doing this?
GFI is always seeking new ways to enhance its relationship with customers and add value. GFI Prime is carefully constructed to ensure that customers who continue to do business with GFI are rewarded generously.

How do I redeem my GFI Prime products?
Login to your GFI Software account via the accounts portal ( to manage your GFI Prime member ship and redeem your free products. Alternatively, you may get in touch with your trusted GFI Partner for more information.

I own 10 complete GFI EventsManager nodes? Does that mean I only get 10 users for my selected free product?
No. 10 Complete nodes of GFI EventsManager is equivalent to the Plus package which also provides 150 nodes of Active Monitoring. A GFI Archiver (the GFI Prime free product) license would be based on the number of Active Monitoring nodes as it is higher and more equal to that of a "user". Therefore the GFI Archiver prime license will be valid for 150 users.

I am renewing a product for a non-GFI Prime participating product. Do I get access to GFI Prime?
When renewing any GFI product that is not a "sub-edition" as stated in the qualifying rules, you will become eligible to be a GFI Prime member.

What do I need to do to speed up my acceptance to the GFI Prime program?
The fastest way to become a GFI Prime member is to renew your existing product for a minimum of 1 year, or purchase a new product with a multi-year license.

Do I get support for the free products?
Free products offered via GFI Prime will receive free support resources (such as Help, eLearning & Training, Knowledge Base, and GFI Product Forums). No technical support is offered directly by GFI for GFI Prime products. Contact your GFI Partner for technical support options.

I became a GFI Prime member under product X, but now I want to stop using X and shift to product Y. Do I remain a GFI Prime member?
You will remain a GFI Prime member, only if you purchase a multi-year license of the "Y" product. This would provide you with instant GFI Prime membership, and result in no drop in membership status.

Do I need to pay for a renewal of my GFI Prime product after I have used it free for 12 months?
No. As long as you maintain your GFI Prime membership (by renewing your qualifying product), the additional product will be free. You will be required to "renew/reclaim" the free product at the time of your paid renewal. This does afford you the option to change which free product you are using.

How to claim GFI Prime Products

Log into Accounts portal

Contact your GFI Partner and ask about GFI Prime Find a Partner

GFI Prime Datasheet