Subscription products

Some products are licensed as a subscription model. In the subscription model, the customer pays an annual fee. That fee includes the right to use the product, free updates when a new version is released, the appropriate update component(s) and technical support. Some products in the subscription model also carry multi-year discount options.

Upgrading from a previous version

Please note that by upgrading to the latest version, your software maintenance agreement will change to a subscription service (should the subscription model apply). An annual subscription fee will be due each year for the product to remain active. By upgrading your product you will NOT be able to revert to an older version of the product.

Subscription FAQ

What does this change mean to existing GFI customers?

Existing GFI customers are not affected in any way as long as they continue to use previous versions of their product. The switch to subscription license only happens once customers upgrade to the latest version and the subscription model applies to that product. The following GFI products are available by subscription:

If the subscription expires, can the product be accessed at all?

If a subscription is renewed after expiration, does the product have to be re-installed / re-configured?

No. Customers will receive a new license key that they can set it in the product. Functionality will resume immediately.

Can existing accounts remain on the old version? Even after renewing SMA?

Customers can choose not to upgrade to the latest release of their product as long as they have a valid SMA. Once they renew, the new license key will not work with previous versions and they will need to upgrade to the latest release in order to continue to use the product.