Parent teen internet safety report

The GFI® Software 2011 Parent-Teen Internet Safety Report

Compromised desktops have become hackers’ preferred entry point into corporate networks. As more workers adopt mobile technologies and bring their work home with them, home computing practices have become a serious source of risk not only to consumers, but also to enterprises. A corporate laptop that becomes infected by a virus, worm or other “malware” in an employee’s home can drive a gaping hole in security defenses when it is connected to the corporate network.

To gain a better understanding of home computing practices, GFI Software commissioned a scientific study of home Internet use by parents and their teenage children. This population represents a particularly interesting “risk pool” not only due to their usage patterns in the home, but also due to the theory that “tech savvy” teens, who have spent their entire cognizant lives in the Internet age, may prove to be a harder human target for social engineering attacks than their elders.

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Parent-Teen Internet Safety Report

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