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Optical character recognition language support

GFI FaxMaker’s optical character recognition (OCR) module supports over 100 different languages, including Asian OCR for Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean; and Western OCR languages.

Note: This offer is available to existing GFI FaxMaker customers only.

English Macedonian (Cyrillic) Ido Rundi
German Moldavian (Cyrillic) Indonesian Samoan
French Bulgarian (Cyrillic) Interlingua Sardinian
Dutch Byelorussian (Cyrillic) Kashubian Shona
Norwegian Ukrainian (Cyrillic) Kawa Sioux
Swedish Russian (Cyrillic) Kikuyu Sami
Finnish Chechen Kongo Lule Sami
Danish Kabardian Kpelle Northern Sami
Icelandic Afrikaans Kurdish Southern Sami
Portuguese Aymara Latin Somali
Spanish Basque Luba Sotho
Catalan Bemba Luxembourgian Sundanese
Galician Blackfoot Malagasy Swahili
Italian Breton Malay Swazi
Maltese Portuguese (Brazilian) Malinke Tagalog
Greek Bugotu Maori Tahitian
Polish Chamorro Mayan Tinpo
Czech Chuana or Tswana Miao Tongan
Slovak Corsican Minankabaw Tun
Hungarian Crow Mohawk Visayan
Slovenian Eskimo Nahuatl Welsh
Croatian Faroese Nyanja Wend or Sorbian
Romanian Fijian Occidental Wolof
Albanian Frisian Ojibway Xhosa
Turkish Friulian Papiamento Zapotec
Estonian Gaelic Irish Pidgin English Zulu
Latvian Gaelic Scottish Provencal
Lithuanian Ganda or Luganda Quechua
Esperanto Guarani Rhaetic
Serbian (Latin) Hani Romany
Serbian (Cyrillic) Hawaiian Ruanda