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Hacked key have been blocked

Your organization has been identified as potentially running a hacked key, it has been blocked by our system. You are no longer able to receive updates or upgrade your software.

WARNING! The use of hacked keys can cause irreversible changes to software and in some cases will cause total server failure. GFI Software will not be responsible for any damages caused by the use of hacked keys.

ACT NOW: Your Company’s Infrastructure may be at risk.

To continue benefiting from our software, we encourage you to purchase a valid license key. Our prices are the best on the market and the purchase process is simple. You can purchase a valid key by contacting one of our authorized partners or by contacting GFI Software.

Below you will find the necessary links to obtain a valid license key.

Via a GFI Software Partner

To order a license key, please contact one of our resellers that is closest to your location. The list of partners in your area can be found by clicking here.

Contact GFI Software

To contact a GFI representative send an email to sales@gfi.com (for UK and APAC regions) or ussales@gfi.com (for US regions).

Important: If you feel that you have been contacted in error and you have proof of purchase that your license key was obtained from us or one of our partners contact GFI Software. You can either send an email to sales@gfi.com (for UK and APAC regions) or ussales@gfi.com (for US regions) or else call a regional GFI office.