GFI IT Stress Survey 2015

Stress levels are up again in 2015:
IT admins need a break

High workplace stress levels for IT professionals are dramatically impacting both employees and employers. These impacts are illustrated by increases in those staff looking to find another job, and in those working increasing amounts of unpaid overtime to cope with workloads.

A growing number of IT staff are also experiencing substantial disruption to their personal lives as a result of work demands.

To top it all, IT admins feel their work is not appreciated and management doesn’t understand how important their role is and why they ask for investment.

IT admins feel that pressure and demands from management clearly are as the biggest contributing factor to their high stress levels. Hot on management’s heels are the end-users who, in their own unique, face-palming ways, drive IT admins up the wall.

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A never-ending battle

IT admins are battling more than security threats, APTs, DOS attacks. They are fighting forces that they would rather have on their side. Dealing with the unexpected is the challenge they face on a daily basis. A senior manager who insists on having remote access to the network; or an employee complaining that the password protocol is too strict. Multiply those examples by 10 and you get the picture. In what’s left of the day, the poor IT admin has to do all the other tasks – patch management, locking down systems, documentation and so on.

GFI has helped remove much of the stress for many IT admins

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