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GFI WebMonitor® is a powerful web filtering, web monitoring and web security solution that gives you control over employee access to websites. Its advanced reporting engine provides various detailed reports such as “most visited sites” and “websites and users using most bandwidth”.

You can also benefit from the following Internet filtering features:

  • Filtered access to sites based on categories
  • ‘Always blocked/allowed’ lists and exceptions per policy
  • Time-scheduled policies (e.g., to disable policy during recess)
  • Policies by user/group/IP
  • WebGrade Category database with coverage of 280+ million websites
  • Blocking of streaming media, social networking games and popular IM clients.

Another feature in GFI WebMonitor is soft-blocking. This enables you to temporarily override blocking of certain website categories for specific users. You can create several layers of web security that ensures websites visited are free of malicious content.

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