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GFI EventsManager is a network wide log data analysis and IT management solution that provides real time log data collection and analysis for SIEM purposes covering a variety of machines, devices and systems like Windows servers and workstations, firewalls, routers, SQL Server and Oracle databases, IIS, SharePoint and Exchange servers and many more. At the same time it provides active, check based monitoring of assets for IT process automation.

It is a very efficient tool for assessing the security and health condition of your network systems:

  • Out-of the box support to monitor for critical security events network-wide to detect attacks and malicious network users for security consolidation
  • Receive alerts about critical events on servers, firewalls, databases and other network systems
  • Real time, check-based monitoring engine which allows monitoring of availability, functionality, usage and performance of IT assets
  • Advanced reporting suite, including dedicated reports for different regulatory compliance acts
  • Log data consolidation for forensics and compliance
  • No client software/agents required.

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