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Press Releases

  • GFI releases white paper on patch management

    GFI, global provider of network security products for Windows-based networks, has released a white paper to help network administrators deal with the pressing problem of patch management in an efficient and highly cost-effective way. The document can be downloaded at http://www.gfi.com/whitepapers/patch-management.pdf.

  • GFI LANguard N.S.S. 3.2 offers complete patch management solution

    GFI today announced the release of GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.) 3.2, which offers complete patch management. GFI LANguard N.S.S. can now deploy patches and service packs remotely for all major Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft ISA Server. It also offers improved installed patch checking for Internet Explorer and IIS.

  • GFI launches freeware version of Exchange Server anti-spam product

    As a contribution to the battle against spam, GFI today launched a freeware version of GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP 8. The free version allows incoming email to be checked against popular DNS blacklists (also known as real time blacklists) at server level, prior to distributing the mail to network users. It also enables administrators to set up their own blacklists and includes a patented automatic whitelist management tool.

  • Disclaimer software for Exchange Server provided free by GFI

    GFI today announced that it is offering a server-based disclaimer module as freeware. This module, included in GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP 8, enables administrators to automatically add text to each outbound email, such as a legal disclaimer or commercial information - a feature that is not present in the "out of the box" Microsoft Exchange Server. By offering this as freeware, GFI is providing organizations with an easy way to defend themselves against the legal liability arising from an employee's inappropriate use of a corporate email address.

  • GFI releases GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP 8

    Spam. Everybody hates it. Nobody wants it - and for good reason: unsolicited email is not only offensive, inappropriate and fraudulent, but spam also wastes network users' time and network resources. According to a January 2003 CNN report, spam costs businesses US$13bn annually. In addition, spam can be dangerous. Combating it is both a business necessity and a public service.

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Press Releases