GFI Software Enhances Threat Alerting and Web Protection Notification Features for GFI Cloud Service Platform

April 03, 2014 - 12:00

GFI Cloud now provides more detailed antivirus alerts and new data leakage notifications to help SMB administrators make faster and more precise decisions

GFI Software™ today released an  update to GFI Cloud™, further enhancing the alerting and notification capabilities, along with other features of the company’s innovative IT platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that enables IT administrators to easily manage and secure servers, workstations and laptops from a single, intuitive, Web-based user interface.

GFI Cloud now offers more detailed email alerting, tracking the number of infections and their severity, reporting viruses and quarantined items, giving administrators on-the-go the ability to make faster and more informed decisions. Severity indicators alert staff if immediate action is required on any device. GFI Cloud will also now send notifications when internet policies for data leakage are violated, for instance, when a user uploads specific content to a website above a configurable threshold.

GFI Cloud’s easy-to-use, Web-based interface now allows administrators to gain even greater detail and visibility into new devices. IT can now tell if newly added devices require GFI Cloud services to assure they do not become a potential threat or point of exploitation.

Finally, increased Antivirus functionality allows for easier detection and removal of existing antivirus software. This will enable a much smoother transition as administrators enable the GFI Cloud Antivirus feature, powered by VIPRE, across their organization. It is also now faster and easier to update antivirus definitions instantly on multiple machines. 

GFI Cloud: Simple, Affordable and Effective
GFI Cloud services provide SMBs with advanced antivirus and anti-malware protection, patch management, Web protection, network monitoring and service assurance, and asset and inventory management. These services give administrators the ability to monitor the health and stability of their networks and optimize server and workstation configurations to improve performance. Any or all of these services may be deployed in a flexible and scalable manner that best suits the unique business needs of SMBs. It also easily integrates with the remote access system TeamViewer®. When TeamViewer is detected on a computer, GFI Cloud automatically allows one-click access to that computer, allowing the IT administrator to address problems early and resolve them quickly.

Pricing and Availability
GFI Cloud services, such as web protection, antivirus and patch management, are each priced as low as $12 per computer, per year. Multi-year and service bundle discounts apply. All subscriptions come with GFI’s customer service support, available 24/7, and software maintenance.

All features and upgrades are available immediately.

About GFI Software
GFI Software™ develops quality IT solutions for small to mid-sized businesses with generally up to 1,000 users. GFI® offers two main technology solutions: GFI MAX™, which enables managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver superior services to their customers; and GFI Cloud™, which empowers companies with their own internal IT teams to manage and maintain their networks via the cloud. Serving an expanding customer base of more than 200,000 companies, GFI’s product line also includes collaboration, network security, anti-spam, patch management, faxing, mail archiving and web monitoring. GFI is a channel-focused company with thousands of partners throughout the world. The company has received numerous awards and industry accolades, and is a longtime Microsoft® Gold ISV Partner.