GFI LanGuard SDK Selected by Impero Software to Improve Classroom IT Management and Security

January 02, 2013 - 12:00

Leading Classroom Management provider relies on GFI Software for secure and reliable Patch Management solution

GFI® Software today announced that GFI LanGuard™ SDK – the company’s network security management software development kit –has been chosen by Impero Software for use with its Classroom Management Software. Through the addition of GFI LanGuard’s comprehensive network vulnerability scanning and patch management capabilities, Impero will enable schools and colleges to maximise their investment in IT, by extending the life and improving the security of PC networks.

The combined solution provides schools and colleges with more secure network infrastructure by enabling IT administrators to easily and automatically deploy critical software patches to PCs, workstations, servers and other devices that have been powered off, as well as create custom vulnerability scanning and remediation policies for vital systems.

“We are very excited by the addition of Patch Management to our suite of enhancements to Impero V3.5,” said Jon Valentine, managing director at Impero Software. “With all the recent power, print and extra management features we have added, we are committed to providing our existing and new customers with best-in-class technology to do their job. GFI LanGuard SDK is fast, simple and easy to integrate and has added great functionality to our Classroom Management Software right out of the box.”

While Antivirus software derails most potentially harmful attacks, it is only one component of a comprehensive security solution. By addressing system vulnerabilities as soon as software vendor issues a patch or update, automated software patching goes hand in hand with antivirus and other security defences including antispam software, firewalls and log management in preventing malicious code from invading and compromising a PC or server. Recent findings by CSIS Security Group found that 99.8% of malware infections caused by commercial exploit kits could be avoided if just six specific software packages (Java JRE, Adobe Reader, Flash, Internet Explorer, Windows HCP, and QuickTime) were kept up to date with the latest patches.

“Like firewalls and antivirus software before it, patch management technology is quickly becoming a vital component in an organisation’s cyber defence strategy,” said Julian Waits, vice president of the Advanced Technology Group at GFI Software. “Whether you are the largest enterprise or a 200 PC school, we are all being targeted with custom-created malware developed for the singular purpose of compromising a network or even a specific user’s PC. With this addition to Impero’s Classroom Management Software, we are confident that we are helping schools and colleges deliver a safer environment for their students”.

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