GFI Software Bolsters Patch Management Software

December 06, 2011 - 12:00

GFI Software continues to strengthen GFI LanGuard™, the company’s comprehensive network vulnerability scanning and patch management software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company today released several enhancements to GFI LanGuard that enable IT administrators to deploy critical software patches to PCs, workstations, servers and other devices that have been powered off, as well as to create custom vulnerability scanning and remediation policies for vital systems or groups of systems.

“The improvements we’ve made to GFI LanGuard 2011 will go a long way to improving the security of our SMB customers’ networks while simultaneously easing the burden on the network during normal work hours,” said Cristian Florian, product manager, GFI Software. “New threats are constantly created and there is a heightened need for administrators to ensure that network vulnerability levels are accurately assessed and that their infrastructure is secure and patched, while interfering as little as possible with business operations.”

Enhanced features of GFI LanGuard 2011 include:

  • Wake on LAN – Frees administrators from working around their end users’ work day to scan and patch machines. A powered down machine can be turned on, updated and shut down remotely. This results in power consumption savings as well eliminates the need to perform patch management during normal business hours.
  • Custom Protection Settings – Enables administrators to specify custom protection criteria and settings for individual systems, so reports reflect that while a PC may not appear fully patched, it is not a threat to the network.
  • Create Custom Computer Groups – Enables administrators to group or filter computers based on custom criteria such as location, department, operating systems, etc. and then generate reports specific to those groups.

A reliable defense against network intrusion and malware attacks is absolutely critical and many SMBs have failed to adopt a solution that fulfills the necessity for vulnerability scanning and patch management. Recent findings by CSIS Security Group found that 99.8% of malware infections caused by commercial exploit kits could be avoided if just six specific software packages were kept up to date with the latest patches.

GFI LanGuard combines vulnerability scanning, patch management and network and software auditing into one solution that enables IT professionals to scan, detect, assess and correct potential security risks on their networks with minimal administrative effort.

GFI LanGuard also enables  administrators  to inventory devices attached to their networks; receive change alerts, such as notification when a new application is installed; ensure antivirus applications are current and enabled; and strengthen compliance with industry regulations through automated patch management that defends against potential network vulnerabilities. The solution can manage of up to 5,000 machines from a single console, integrates with more than 1,500 security applications and includes keyword search functionality.

To learn more about GFI LanGuard 2011, call 888-243-4329, email sales@gfi.comor visit for a free trial.

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