Security Vendors Can Now Strengthen Their Solutions with Integrated Vulnerability Scanning and Patch Management

October 18, 2011 - 12:00

GFI LanGuard SDK helps ISVs, OEMs and managed services providers more effectively defend their customers’ evolving IT infrastructures

GFI Software’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) today announced it is enabling ISVs, OEMs and managed services tool providers to add new layers of defense and threat protection to their products. With the launch of GFI LanGuard SDK, software companies and hardware manufacturers can seamlessly integrate GFI’s network vulnerability scanning and patch management technology into their solutions. Used by thousands of customers worldwide, GFI LanGuard defends users against common network intrusion tactics and malware attacks by uncovering vulnerabilities such as unpatched software, open ports and misconfigured networking gear, and provides automated remediation when possible.

“The explosive adoption of virtualization, the consumerization of IT and the impending impact of the cloud are creating entirely new management challenges for IT admins, the most critical of which is securing a network that is more exposed than ever before,” said Julian Waits, vice president, Advanced Technology Group, GFI Software. “That creates significant opportunities for the security vendors who can deliver proven, multi-layered solutions to defend against the broad range of threats in this more complex and dynamic environment. GFI LanGuard SDK enables ISVs, OEMs and MSP tool providers to extend their existing solutions to provide vulnerability detection and remediation, effectively hardening customer endpoints and preventing serious threats, system downtime and damage to reputations.”

Building Stronger Security Solutions

Integrated into third-party products using GFI’s proven Software Development Kit (SDK), GFI LanGuard SDK automatically scans, detects and assesses security risks. It can scan thousands of devices in minutes, performing more than 45,000 unique assessments across an entire network to discover vulnerabilities and take corrective action by deploying the latest software patches and other fixes. GFI LanGuard automatically deploys patches for solutions from Microsoft, Adobe, Mozilla, Google and many other commonly used products.

“Common network vulnerabilities exploited by hackers and malware writers are easy to identify and address with GFI LanGuard,” added Waits. “However, many companies—especially SMBs who know the value of security solutions like antivirus software and firewalls—have yet to adopt an automated solution for vulnerability scanning and patch management. Security vendors can capitalize on the need for these solutions by seamlessly adding that functionality to their own products and better protect their customers’ networks.”

GFI LanGuard SDK was designed to strengthen a wide array of existing security products, including antivirus software and firewalls; intrusion detection and event management systems; network access control, risk management and network penetration testing solutions; and network management, help desk and ticketing tools for IT admins and their teams.

Additionally, MSP tool developers can enhance their Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platforms to provide more robust managed network security services, as well as to create incremental revenue opportunities for their MSP partners. GFI’s own managed services solution, GFI MAX RemoteManagement, integrated the GFI LanGuard SDK into its RMM platform last year.

GFI LanGuard SDK provides ISVs, OEMs and MSPs with all the tools and resources they need to fully integrate GFI LanGuard into their solutions. To learn more, call 888-688-8457, ext. 650, visit or send an email to

Specialized Solutions for Threat Analysis and Defense

GFI’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) is backed by the extensive research capabilities and proprietary technologies developed by GFI Labs, the company’s research and analysis division. ATG markets and licenses GFI’s threat analysis and malware detection technologies to large enterprises and government agencies with uniquely sensitive and demanding IT security requirements; as well as to software developers and hardware manufacturers whose products require proven, embedded security solutions. ATG’s specialized threat analysis and defense solutions include GFI SandBox, GFI ThreatTrack, GFI LanGuard SDK, GFI VIPRE® Desktop SDK and GFI VIPRE® Gateway SDK. To learn more, visit

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