Taking email archiving to another level with GFI MailArchiver 6

September 02, 2008 - 12:00

New version allows users to access archived email from Outlook client without the use of stubs, thereby boosting server performance

London, UK – A new version of GFI MailArchiver for Exchange, an email management and archiving solution, is being released today. GFI MailArchiver 6 integrates with Microsoft’s Outlook email client to allow users to access their archived email faster and in a more transparent manner. GFI MailArchiver is the first email archiving product to offer integration with Outlook without the use of stub files. This reduces the load on the Exchange Server whilst greatly reducing client complexity issues and administration. With Microsoft discouraging the use of stubs in email archiving products, it was an easy decision for GFI not to use stub files as other email archiving vendors are doing and to take an innovative and more effective approach.

GFI MailArchiver is the leading archiving solution for SMBs. Shipping at the lowest price on the market, the software archives all corporate email, reduces dependency on troublesome PST files, permits employees to access old and deleted emails at any time and from any location and helps companies meet eDiscovery and legal compliance requirements.”

A first choice product for many small- and medium-sized businesses, GFI MailArchiver 6 now allows end-users to search and access all their old and deleted emails from a folder in their Outlook email client. Integration with Outlook means that archived email can be assessed from Outlook as if it were their Exchange mailbox or local PST file. GFI MailArchiver users can now enjoy a faster and improved experience than those using stubs.

Many archiving solutions leave a small stub file in place of the archived message that can be used by end-users to retrieve archived messages from the archival system; however, this creates problems for administrators in terms of server performance as small portions of the emails are still left into the Exchange Server store.

Email archiving without stub files
“The new version of GFI MailArchiver has been designed to meet the requirements of our clients and to strengthen our position in a market that is growing at a very fast pace as more companies are seeing the importance of email archiving. GFI is the first email archiving vendor to offer integration with Outlook without the need for stub files. We have spent considerable engineering effort to do this and we are confident that this benefit will help us increase market share. With over 10,000 satisfied customers, GFI MailArchiver is fast becoming the email archiving product of choice for SMBs. Retailing at the lowest price on the market yet not compromising on functionality, we are confident that GFI MailArchiver is a sure winner,” David Vella, Director of Product Management at GFI, said.

For businesses around the world, email has become the primary means of communication, yet many still underestimate the need to archive all corporate email correspondence. Research carried out by GFI Software in the UK and US found that 51% and 53% respectively do not use an email archiving solution. Awareness on the importance of email archiving is also somewhat lacking. GFI’s research found that in the UK 30% of SMBs do not feel they are sufficiently informed about email archiving while 36% of SMBs in the US feel they do not know enough on the subject.

With an email archiving solution like GFI MailArchiver, the problems associated with an organization’s high dependency on email are resolved. By archiving emails in a central database, storage issues on the email server are reduced as well as the need to depend on PST files to archive emails. End-users, on the other hand, will find that looking up old or deleted emails is a breeze thanks to Outlook integration and the ability to search the archive using a web-browser – even if they are away from the office.

From a legal or management perspective, GFI MailArchiver ensures that all corporate emails are stored safely, are tamper proof and are accessible within minutes making it easier for that company to provide the necessary data and also defend itself in a court of a law or prove it is compliant with the regulations in that country. With GFI MailArchiver, management can also keep tabs on employee’s emails if individuals are suspected of using company email abusively or with malicious intent.

Case study:  Quantum Marine Engineering uses GFI MailArchiver to resolve customer complaint and avoid legal repercussions. Read the full case study here.

For more information on GFI MailArchiver please visit: http://www.gfi.com/mailarchiver/. Pricing starts at 648 USD for 25 mailboxes. More pricing options are available at http://www.gfi.com/pricing/pricelist.aspx?product=mar&curr=usd&lang=en. To order, customers may use either the online order form or via one of GFI's authorized distributors and resellers.

SPECIAL OFFER: GFI is offering a 25% discount on new purchases of GFI MailArchiver 6 during the month of September.

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