Australian water treatment company uses four GFI products to protect its network

February 12, 2008 - 12:00

London, UK – OSMOFLO, an Australian company, has implemented a suite of four GFI products to protect its network from viruses and spam, to monitor and control internet usage and to save time and money on faxing. GFI, an international developer of network security, content security and messaging software, has today issued a case study detailing this set-up.

OSMOFLO is a leading desalination and water treatment company founded in 1991 in Australia and has commissioned over 250 water treatment plants throughout Australia and internationally. The company required a suite of solutions that enabled it to monitor internet browsing and downloading by its employees, as well as protect the company from the increasing volume of spam and emails containing malicious material. Furthermore, the company required a reliable solution to replace the fax server software it was running.

The company’s solution has been to implement four of GFI’s nine products: GFI MailSecurity™, a multiple antivirus solution; GFI MailEssentials™, anti-spam and anti-phishing; GFI WebMonitor™, to monitor internet browsing and downloading; and GFI FAXmaker™, the leading fax server on the market.

According to David Taing, OSMOFLO’s IT administrator, the company required a set of solutions that were capable of dynamically evolving to capture the changes of a highly dynamic environment and in a smart way. The first thing he did was to replace a number of products he found there with newer and more cost-effective solutions from GFI’s portfolio.

The benefits were immediate and the challenges facing OSMOFLO were all addressed using GFI’s products.

“What wins their case is the fact that GFI are always out there to test and develop their software to support trends in software and hardware development. Finally, GFI’s products are simply good value for money,” he added.

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