New version of GFI FAXmaker supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

October 04, 2007 - 12:00

London, UK – GFI Software, an international developer of network security, content security and messaging software, today announced the launch of a new version of its leading fax server solution GFI FAXmaker™. Version 14 now integrates with Microsoft Exchange 2007 as well as with the Brooktrout SR140 Fax over IP (FoIP) solution, and offers support for 64-bit Microsoft operation systems (OS) and VISTA. GFI FAXmaker is a cost-effective solution which minimizes the need for manual faxing by using the existing email infrastructure to send and receive faxes.

GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP makes sending and receiving faxes an efficient, simple and cheaper process – as simple and as beneficial as sending and receiving emails. GFI FAXmaker solves the problems associated with manual faxing such as having to wait until the fax is sent through if the line is busy, time wasted printing out faxes and going to the fax machine, and the fact that all incoming faxes are received on single or multiple faxes and not sent directly to a specific individual.

This easy-to-install and configure fax server solution integrates with Microsoft Exchange thereby allowing employees to receive and send faxes directly from their email client instead of having to manually use a fax machine. This functionality brings with it immediate benefits: less time is spent sending, collecting and distributing faxes, noticeable cost savings in office resources, improved efficiency and lower risk of misplaced faxes and more privacy.

GFI FAXmaker also requires little maintenance once configured and by leveraging the existing email infrastructure, the company can keep track of all faxes received and sent, search for and backup all faxes, in the same way that emails can be stored and retrieved on the network. GFI FAXmaker also supports Fax over IP (FoIP), allowing employees to use the existing IP infrastructure, such as IP-enabled PABXs and the Brooktrout SR140 solution, to send faxes over the internet; resulting in substantial savings on the company’s telephone bill.

“GFI FAXmaker has been the leading fax server software for more than 10 years. Tens of thousands of customers have used this award-winning product because of its excellent price-performance, immediate return on investment and more so because it reduces the burden of manual faxing,” David Vella, Director of Product Management at GFI, said.

“The release of GFI FAXmaker 14 is another step towards meeting the requirements of our clients and offering them the tightest integration between our products and Exchange 2007 and x64 operation systems. Through our alliance with Cantata Technology, our clients can now benefit from GFI FAXmaker’s full integration with the Brooktrout SR140 FoIP solution,” he added.

For more information on GFI FAXmaker please visit: Pricing starts at 775 USD for 10 users. More pricing options are available at To order customers may use our online order form or order via one of our GFI's authorized distributors and resellers

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