Extensive reporting now available with GFI MailSecurity

January 31, 2007 - 12:00

London, UK – GFI Software, an international leader and developer of network security, content security and messaging software, today announced that it has launched new reporting software for GFI MailSecurity 10, the latest version of its email security and antivirus product.

From trend reports for management (ROI) to daily drill-down reports for technical staff; the GFI MailSecurity ReportPack provides administrators with the easy-to-view information they need, to fully understand their email traffic and email security patterns. Full automation and custom scheduling allow administrators true install-and-forget functionality! The GFI MailSecurity ReportPack is an add-on to GFI MailSecurity and integrates fully with GFI ReportCenter.

The GFI MailSecurity ReportPack offers several default and customizable reports that can be prepared on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis including:

  • Viruses blocked  
  • Inbound email traffic
  • Outbound email traffic
  • Total inbound and outbound email traffic  
  • Processed emails
  • Blocked emails
  • And more!

The cost of the GFI MailSecurity ReportPack is set at 15% of the cost of the product starting from just USD75 for 25 mailboxes. For additional information on the solution, go to http://www.gfi.com/mailsecurity/msecreportpack.htm.

About GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP
GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP is an email antivirus solution which guarantees protection against email viruses, exploits and trojans. With multiple virus scanning engine capabilities, GFI MailSecurity is the only solution to offer ten layers of email security, for maximum protection. Other key features include an email content and attachment checking module, to quarantine dangerous attachments and content; an exploit shield, to protect against present and future viruses based on exploits (e.g., Nimda, Bugbear); an HTML threats engine, to disable HTML scripts; and a Trojan & Executable Scanner, to detect malicious executables.

About GFI
GFI is a leading software developer that provides a single source for network administrators to address their network security, content security and messaging needs. With award-winning technology, an aggressive pricing strategy and a strong focus on small-to-medium sized businesses, GFI is able to satisfy the need for business continuity and productivity encountered by organizations on a global scale. GFI has offices in the US, Malta, UK, Hong Kong and Australia which support more than 200,000 installations worldwide. GFI is a channel-focused company with over 10,000 partners worldwide. GFI is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. More information about GFI can be found at http://www.gfi.com.