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Case study - Robert Scott & Sons Limited

Robert Scott and Sons Limited are distributors of cleaning products to the professional, wholesale and retail markets. UK legislation requires that companies archive 2 years’ worth of emails which need to be retrievable in their original format to ensure that they have not been tampered with. Since the company needed to abide by these legal requirements, they decided to implement GFI MailArchiver as their email archiving software of choice as it provided the service that they needed to ensure full compliance with British law.


Robert Scott and Sons Limited are a manufacturing company who distribute cleaning products to different markets around the UK. Being a British company “the requirement to hold up to 2 years plus worth of e-mails for users in an easy accessible and searchable format” that led the company to install an email archiving software, said Brian Beckett, Systems Manager for Robert Scott and Sons Ltd.

Apart from the legal issues that surrounded the decision, the company also realized that by installing an archiving system they were saving their users the hassle of having to store their emails on their work stations in cumbersome PST files. An email archiving software ensured that all emails were stored in a centralized location and were easily accessible to authorized users.

The company decided to install GFI MailArchiver as it came “recommended by our network support company”, Mr. Beckett said, and they therefore did not need to consider any alternative software.


The implementation of GFI MailArchiver was a smooth process and a minimal learning curve was required.

“All users can easily understand and use GFI MailArchiver with minimal intervention from the IT department,” said Mr. Beckett. The product gave users control over their emails without having to worry about accidentally deleting an important email from their email inbox, since a copy of it would have been archived and could be easily retrieved. Installing an email archiving software also eliminated the use of PST files which hogged space on a user’s workstation and were unreliable as an archiving method.

A positive feature of GFI MailArchiver was its ability to integrate with the company’s existing setup which eliminates many hassles that can occur when introducing new software onto the system.

“GFI MailArchiver integrates very well with Microsoft Exchange and does not affect network speed too much. We had a couple of teething problems with setting up the databases (as Exchange seemed not want to write to the database) however this was sorted out and everything is now working satisfactorily.”


The main reason behind the implementation of GFI MailArchiver was to comply with email archiving legislation, however there were other benefits that came along with the software because it also meant that “users were more likely to keep mailboxes tidy knowing that, if required, their email was still accessible”, said Mr. Beckett.

The systems manager of the company also added that the software “allows us to keep quotes and product information sent to customers via e-mail in a manageable format for a longer period.” This was beneficial to the company because they could refer to their email history whenever the need arose and all agreements made with clients would be saved providing them with reference logs.

Installing GFI MailArchiver also meant a “reduction in disk space used plus there was no need to upgrade disks in servers” because all users had access to their own archived emails and could recall these at their own convenience.

Target reached

“Our targets were to reduce mailbox sizes. These were reached by ensuring that users knew that the databases of archived mail were available and that there was no longer any need to store on Exchange.”


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Company:Robert Scott & Sons Limited

Location:Oldham, UK


No. of employees:297

Product in use:GFI MailArchiver™