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Which modems does GFI FaxMaker support?

If you rely heavily on faxing and it is an integral part of your business, GFI Software recommends a professional fax hardware or virtual Fax over IP device, versus a modem.

If you choose to use a modem with GFI FaxMaker, you can do so either by using the GFI Fax modem drivers which supports class 1 / 1.0, class 2 and class 2.0 modems, or the Microsoft fax modem drivers.

The following modems have been used with GFI FaxMaker:


US Robotics

  • USR5686E V.92 external
  • USR5630G V.92 external
  • USR5686G V.92 external
  • USR5637G V.92 USB
  • USR5638 V.92 PCIe
  • USR5639 V.92 USB
  • USR802972 V.92 PCI
  • USR sportster 33.6k
  • USR 56k
  • USR802981 OEM


  • MT5600ZDX external
  • MT5600BA external
  • MT5656ZDX external
  • MT5634ZBA V.92 external
  • MT5634ZBA USB V.92 external
  • MT5634ZBA external
  • MT5634SMI-V92 internal
  • ISI5634PCI internal
  • MT9234ZBA V.92 external
  • MT9234ZBA USB V.92 external
  • MT9234MU USB
  • MT9234ZPX PCIe internal
  • MT9234ZPX UPCI internal
  • ISI9234PCIe internal
  • MT5634ZPX-PCI internal


  • Models Comtrol Rocket Modem IV 4 and 8 port modems (Supports DTMF)
  • Models Comtrol Rocket Modem III 4 and 8 port modems (Supports DTMF)

ELSA Technology

  • ​Elsa MicroLink 28.8TQV ext
  • Elsa MicroLink 33.6TQV ext
  • Elsa MicroLink 56k ext
  • Elsa MicroLink 56l Internet II ext

Other Supported Modems

  • Cybermod 33.6 V.34
  • Diamond Supra Express 56K
  • E-Tech Bullet 33.6
  • E-Tech Bullet Modem 33.6
  • Hayes Accura 56k Speakerphone
  • MagicXpress 56K


  • While using the Microsoft Fax Modem Drivers, you can install a maximum of 2 modems on Microsoft Windows 2000, 4 modems on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 / R2 Standard and Web Server editions, and only 1 modem on Microsoft Windows XP. There is no limit on Windows 2008 / R2 Enterprise and Datacenter editions. If you want to run multiple lines, GFI Software recommends using multi-line hardware such as ISDN BRI / PRI cards or Dialogic Brooktrout fax analog cards
  • ISDN modems are not supported