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How to upgrade GFI EndPointSecurity and retain settings

This article defines how to upgrade GFI EndPointSecurity and retain current configurations. By default, running the latest build to upgrade should prompt to retain and import current configurations, but following the below instructions will allow for a success in upgrade as well as a backup of your current settings.

Exporting Settings

  1. Open the GFI EndPointSecurity configuration
  2. Click File and select Import and export configurations...
  3. From the Import and export configurations Wizard, select Export the desired configurations to a file and click Next
  4. Enter a file name and destination to save the backup configuration file and click Next
  5. Select the options desired to export for backup. If the entire configuration is desired, click the Select All, then click Next to proceed.
  6. Once the backup has been completed, it is recommended to disable any local Antivirus applications before upgrading


After downloading the installer, please right-click on the installer executable > choose Properties > click Unblock and Apply (if present) before running the installation.

Future blocks of GFI Software installers can be prevented by adding * to the Trusted sites within the internet browser.

Installation Process

  1. Upgrade your existing license key in the customer area using the Upgrade Key Procedure below
  2. Download the new version from our website:
  3. Run the installer. The following will be performed:
    • Installation pre-requisites (some may require a reboot). If a reboot is required, there will be an option to reboot at a later time. After reboot, continue the installation by re-running the installer.
    • Uninstallation of the current version (configuration files will remain)
    • Installation of GFI EndPointSecurity 2013
It is recommend to download the EndPointSecurity 2013 user manual for further information on these changes:

Upgrade Key Procedure

  1. Access to the customer area on the GFI website:
  2. Login with the appropriate credentials
  3. Navigate to the My Keys section, expand the current key and click the Upgrade link to produce a new key. This key is version specific and can only be used with the new version of the software.