How to install a GFI Cloud agent

There are three ways to install the GFI Cloud Agent, the Standard installation, GPO, or from a script.  For a video tutorial please click here.

Standard per Computer Install:

  1. Click the Add computers link where available, or navigate to the Installation screen in the GFI Cloud console
  2. Click Download now to download the agent installer file
  3. Run the installer on the machine you would like to install the agent on
  4. Follow the wizard to complete the installation
  • It can take up to 15 minutes for the agent to check in with the console and display there

GPO Install:

Obtain the GFI Cloud agent group policy package

  1. Download the MSI/Package from the Download group policy package link in the Installation screen of the GFI Cloud console
  2. Extract Agent.msi and the associated or Agent.exe files to a Software Distribution Point
Note: It is important when creating the Software Distribution Point to put the Package into the share of the root or else the installation will fail

Share the Software Distribution Point Folder

In order to deploy the MSI over the network, you must first share the Software Distribution Point folder with read permissions to allow the installer to retrieve the required files.
  1. Navigate to the folder to be shared
  2. Go into the Sharing permissions
  3. Under the Sharing tab tick the Share this Folder radio button
  4. Select Permissions to allow the required computers at least Read access to the folder
  5. Verify the shared folder can be accessed remotely. To do this, type the folder name in the Start > Run dialogue box from a remote device. For example:\\<SERVER>\<FOLDERSHARE>. If successful the contents of the folder should then be displayed.
Note: Sharing and Security permissions may be applied to computer objects individually or as a members of groups when deploying via the suggested Computer Configuration method. Where the User Configuration method is used the permissions may be applied per user.

Create and link the Group Policy Object via the Group Policy Management Console or...

  1. The Group Policy Object can be created via the Group Policy Management Console (Start > Run > type GPMC.msc and press Enter)
  2. Under the required Domain, navigate to the Active Directory container (Domain or Organizational Unit)
  3. Right click the container and select Create and Link a GPO Here…
  4. Enter the name of the New GPO
  5. Once created, select the new GPO and Add the required users, groups or computers in the Security Filtering section you wish the object to apply to

Create the Group Policy Object via Active Directory Users and Computers

Where the Group Policy Management Console is not available the Group Policy Object may be created via Active Directory Users and Computers.
  1. Go to Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers
  2. Right-click the required domain and select Properties
  3. Select Group Policy
  4. Select New
  5. Enter a name for the policy, for example AgentMSI
  6. Select Properties
  7. Select Security
  8. Check the Apply Group Policy checkbox only for the groups to which the policy will be applied
  9. Click OK

Deploy the Agent via Group Policy

  1. Highlight and right-click the newly created Group Policy Object, i.e. AgentMSI
  2. Select Edit to open the Group Policy Editor
    • To apply to a computer, navigate to Computer Configuration (recommended)
    • To apply to a user, navigate to User Configuration
  3. Expand Policies (SBS2008)
  4. Select Software Settings
  5. Right-click Software Installation
  6. Select New
  7. Select Package
  8. Enter the full UNC path of the Agent MSI file and package, for example \\<SERVER>\<FOLDERSHARE>\agent.msi
  9. Select the deployment method: Assigned
  10. Click OK and exit out of the Group Policy Editor
Note: The Agent may be deployed either from the Group Policy Management Console or Active Directory Users and Computers, depending upon the method previously used. Although the software may be deployed per user, we recommend installing the software per computer.
For more details on GPO deployments, please see:

Scripted Install/3rd party deployment:

  1. Download the GFICloudAgentSetup.exe
  2. Place the GFICloudAgentSetup.exe in a location accessible to your script
  3. Make sure the correct file name and location is referenced by your script
  • Note: The /silent parameter can be added to install the agent silently
An example would be the following Command Line: 
  • gficloudagentsetup.exe /c:"Installer Files" /silent
  • The GPO installer will not work properly outside of a GPO and cannot be used for this
  • GFI Support cannot provide scripts for your specific environment. Please use the guidelines above to create scripts.