How to back up GFI MailArchiver

DISCLAIMER: GFI recommends keeping a backup of Archive Stores and the product configuration data. In case of data loss, GFI will not be able to recover your configuration if a backup is not available.

It is possible to create online backups via the Volume Shadow Copy technology. Please refer to the related articles section for a list of supported backup software. 

If not using a supported Volume Shadow Copy based online backup software, it is required to stop the GFI MailArchiver services before the backup starts and to start the services again once the backup is complete. Not stopping the service during a backup by third party backup software may cause GFI MailArchiver to malfunction.

In general use the following procedure to backup the components of MailArchiver mentioned below:
  1. Stop all GFI MailArchiver services
  2. Create a backup of the data / files listed below
  3. Start all GFI MailArchiver services

Archive Stores (email data)



..\MailArchiver\Core2\Data\*.* (MailArchiver 2013 only)
  • Restoring the configuration must only be done with the same build of GFI MailArchiver.
  • The ..\MailArchiver\ install path may appear as ..\Archiver\ for new installs of Archiver 2015 and later.

Queues (items which are still in processing stage)


Other components


  • These "other components" are specific to each installation but can be considered as less vital
  • If MailArchiver does not find any of the above files, they will be created automatically again based on templates
  • Depending on the environment, and especially on its size, this can take a significant amount of time and resources