• GFI WebMonitor® 2013
    unified protection
    “Tough web security, a smart new interface
    and quality reporting - a great choice for SMBs”.

    PC Pro, October 2013
  • Your bandwidth, your decisions
    Manage and monitor data usage, controlling consumption for a faster, more productive network.
  • Manage Internet usage
    Improve work efficiency and protect your network from malware.
  • Enhance Internet security
    Enhance Internet security

    Millions of under-protected computers the world over are infected by website exploits. The malware industry is lucrative and hackers use advanced techniques to lure victims. Risk of infection grows with multiple users. GFI WebMonitor counters this issue by using multiple security engines, three antivirus engines, several anti-phishing feeds, multiple malware protection layers and web reputation protection.

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    Monitor user Internet browsing activity

    Users waste time online in many ways: social networking, viewing video, researching travel, reading blogs, visiting auction, game, sports or news sites – and more. Web monitoring prompts users to instinctively restrict the time they spend on websites – and those who don’t properly manage their time can easily be identified.

  • Optimize bandwidth usage
    Optimize bandwidth usage

    GFI WebMonitor pinpoints bandwidth problems stemming from excess usage by user, website or categories of websites. It then enables you to apply appropriate policies that help mitigate these issues. You can set wide-ranging policies that include blocking large file downloads by a particular user and setting a download limit per day. Your bandwidth, your decisions.

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Trussbilt testimonial
A major benefit was the ability to block certain file types from being downloaded … this has helped us being virus-free.
Mark Harvey, Trussbilt IT Manager
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More benefits

  • Immediate return on investment

    Immediately notice improved productivity, less administrative time spent cleaning infected machines, and better use of bandwidth.
  • Manage social media

    Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are a few of the most popular social media sites on the Internet. But are they where your employees should be focusing their time?
  • Protect road warriors

    The GFI WebMonitor agent applies filtering policies when users are traveling with company laptops.
  • Widest website coverage

    Our web categorization database mitigates threats on both high-traffic websites and infrequently visited websites fraught with equal risk.