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GFI WebMonitor Internet Monitoring Software – Product tour

GFI WebMonitor helps you monitor, filter and report on user web browsing patterns, protect against malicious web content and ensure bandwidth is being used appropriately.

GFI WebMonitor has a database of over 280 million websites split into 77 categories. Each website is put into one or more categories such as social networks, news and entertainment, games etc. The policy engine can then use these

categories to create and apply monitoring and filtering policies to users, groups of users or IP ranges. With these policies you can monitor what users are browsing and block adult and other inappropriate websites, or restrict websites such as Facebook and Twitter resulting in less time wasted and immediate cost savings. You can implement policies, which block social networks and games to ensure productivity whilst also allowing exceptions such as giving access to the marketing department. You can also apply policies, which warn users that they are violating a policy, but allow them to proceed anyway.

The policy engine allows flexibility in applying policies such as enforcing certain policies only during working hours and relaxing them during break times. To ensure a healthy balance of blocking and allowing some leisure surfing you can allow limited access to certain sites for example for 20 minutes a day. WebMonitor also supports the blocking of various instant-messaging clients such as Facebook chat, Gmail chat, MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo messenger and thin IM portals.

GFI WebMonitor provides protection from security issues stemming from user web browsing such as phishing and social engineering attacks, hacker attacks, downloads of malware and various other online threats. The security aspect of WebMonitor complements any existing security infrastructure such as firewalls and desktop antivirus to make sure user web browsing does not create security problems. WebMonitor uses multiple security engines working in tandem to make sure you get complete Online Protection. It can block downloads and scan them with up to three different antivirus engines to ensure that any possible threat is detected and blocked. It automatically blocks hundreds of thousands of known bad websites both via it's inbuilt threat track engine and through it's categorization database which includes security related categories such as malware sites, spyware and adware, botnets and others. And finally WebMonitor automatically blocks thousands of known phishing websites via it's inbuilt anti-phishing engine. Each security engine is updated hourly to ensure all the latest protection is available.

To optimize bandwidth usage WebMonitor controls access to resource heavy downloads such as Internet radio and video and monitors download and upload volumes to restrict where appropriate. It's database can be used to block categories of known bandwidth hogging websites such as p2p or file storage sites. WebMonitor supports the blocking of various streaming media both in website content for example videos in new sites or through applications such as Winamp, QuickTime or iTunes. Once again to allow some relief whilst maintaining control, it is possible to create download limits for example up to 100 megabytes a day of downloads from YouTube.

Interactive reports can be used to monitor web use within the organization. It is then possible to identify which users are spending most time surfing which sites they have been browsing, which categories of sites are consuming the most bandwidth, and other useful information to optimize and tweak filtering and security policies as necessary. GFI WebMonitor strengthens your organization's web security and increases user productivity.