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What’s new in GFI EventsManager® 2013?

Released: January 22, 2013

In this release of GFI EventsManager, we have added active network and server monitoring, which adds advanced monitoring checks to track the health and performance of network infrastructure, applications and services, helping you identify and remediate issues quicker than ever.


Some of the new features in GFI EventsManager 2013 include:

  • Active network and server monitoring based on monitoring checks is now available and can function in conjunction with the log based monitoring system in order to provide a complete and thorough view of the status of your environment.
  • The unique combination of active network and server monitoring through log-based network and server monitoring provides you not only with incident identification but also with a complete set of logs from the assets that failed, making problem investigation and solving much easier.
  • Enhanced console security system helps complying with best practices recommendations that imply access to data on a “need-to-know” basis. Starting with this version, each GFI EventsManager user can be assigned a subset of computers that he/she manages and the console will only allow usage of the data coming from those configured computers while the user is logged in.
  • New schema for parsing XML files, available by default, that enables monitoring of XML–based logs and configuration files.
  • New schema for parsing DHCP text logs that enables monitoring of DHCP IP assignment.
  • More flexibility for storing events: the new database system has been updated to include  physical deletion of events for easier maintenance and collection to remote databases.
  • Hashing of log data for protection against attempts at tampering with the logs coming from outside the product, enables enhanced log consolidation and security.
  • New reports for J Sox and NERC CIP compliance.