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GFI MailEssentials: New version now available!

Includes anti-spam multi-threading, remote AD support, and compatibility with Exchange 2016, Windows 10 and Office 2016.

GFI MailEssentials®

Winner of the Messaging Security Solution of the Year award at the 2015 Computing Security Awards


Powerful business anti-spam

This VBSpam-certified solution uses multiple anti-spam filters that combine SpamRazer technology, greylisting, IP reputation filtering, Bayesian filtering, and other advanced technologies to provide a spam capture rate of more than 99% and minimal false-positives, ensuring the safe delivery of important emails.

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Use multiple antivirus engines

Multiple antivirus engines drastically reduce the time required to obtain the latest virus definitions, enabling a faster response to the latest threats. Since each engine features its own heuristics and detection methods, you gain maximum protection for your email environment.

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Enforce email content policy

Granular, user-based email content policy enforcement enables you to control content that enters and leaves your network via email. This function is based on real file type, dictionary keyword checks and regular expression checks, helping to protect your company from accidental or malicious data leaks while assisting with compliance efforts.

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vb verified spam
GFI MailEssentials earned the “VBSpam+ Award” for its spam catch rate of more than 99%.

Raque Food Systems customer testimonial

Raque Food Systems has been building food packaging machinery and manufacturing systems for the refrigerated and frozen food industries since 1975.

More benefits

Hassle-free spam management

Users can tag spam emails with a Spamtag Outlook addon, manage quarantined spam without administrator intervention, and set their own whitelists and blacklists.

Ensure safer email

Fight email-borne threats with various email protection technologies and up to five antivirus engines, freeing you to focus on higher-level tasks.

Enforce your email use policy

Reduce unproductive email use (e.g., exchanging video content) and the risk of malicious or accidental data leaks (e.g., sending social security numbers).

Email management tools

A unified web interface that provides a central place to manage email, plus other tools such as a POP3 downloader, company-wide disclaimers, and email monitoring.