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What’s new in GFI MailEssentials 2015

Award-winning GFI MailEssentials continues to improve, this time focusing on the management aspect but still giving users top virus and spam protection. This new release includes:

  • Synchronized configuration settings across different GFI MailEssentials servers enabling you to control your day to day tasks from one console.
  • Access a centralized Quarantine across different GFI MailEssentials servers which lets you view and search for quarantined emails from the same view.
  • Centralized Reporting across different GFI MailEssentials servers enables you to generate reports on the entire mail flow of your network.
  • Cascading GFI MailEssentials servers will now not scan approved emails, if they are joined to the multi-server network.
  • Replaced blocklist/whitelist/autowhitelist to use SQL Compact database engine for much more scalable and powerful lists.
  • New revamped automatic updates system for product updates so that your GFI MailEssentials server is up to date with latest security updates.


What’s new in GFI MailEssentials 2014 R2?

Award-winning GFI MailEssentials continues to improve, giving users even better virus and spam protection. This new release includes:

  • New optional addon anti-virus engine, Avira™ antivirus (replacing Norman) – Avira is a leading German AV vendor with award-winning detection rates.
  • Language Detection – a new anti-spam plugin that can automatically detect the language of a block of text, allowing companies to block spam in specific languages.
  • Overall speed and performance improvements to ensure continued fast and accurate virus and spam protection.


What’s new in GFI MailEssentials 2014 SR1?

  • Support for Secure communication (SSL) in POP2Exchange
  • MailInsights® Communication Flow Report
  • Event notification in the GFI MailEssentials Dashboard
  • SpamTag ability to override Microsoft Outlook Junk Email functionality
  • SpamTag Spam\Not Spam added to email context menus
  • SpamTag option for hiding Console button in SpamTag Toolbar
  • Automatic GFI MailEssentials services recovery
  • Improved performance of writing reporting records to reporting database
  • Improved error handling in Switchboard when changes in ports are being performed


What’s new in GFI MailEssentials 2014?

  • SpamTag for Microsoft Outlook - A Microsoft Outlook addon which allows users to tag spam emails from within their Outlook.  The aim of this feature is to put control in the hands of the user and allow him to manage his own emails.  The user has the ability to mark emails from specific senders as ‘spam’ or ‘not spam’, which in turn allows GFI MailEssentials to continually filter out spam emails more accurately than ever before.  This feature is available optionally, with the email administrator having  the control to decide whether to grant access to his users.
  • IP Blocklist Anti-spam Plugin - Lets email admins update GFI MailEssentials with the IP Addresses of ‘spammy’, compromised or mailicious smtp servers so that emails originating from these servers are deleted or quarantined.
  • Updated Web Interface - An updated, unified view of the GFI MailEssentials web interface that allows users to manage and configure list servers, disclaimers and auto replies direct from a central, easy to understand web dashboard.
  • Polish language - GFI MailEssentials is now available in Polish.