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What's new in GFI MailArchiver® 2014?

Released: July 15, 2014

The latest version of GFI MailArchiver is aimed to address the need for archiving critical business information that extends beyond email.

  • Through the File Archiving Assistant (FAA), GFI MailArchiver is now capable of automatically storing copies of your most important files and folders on your machines. This process is done automatically without any user input, and without interrupting any existing workflows.
  • Through the FAA, users can also share files and folders between their own machines, and also share between different users; enabling collaboration and version control.
  • All the archived files are indexed for quick searching and retrieval and accessible anywhere on any internet connected device.
  • Businesses gain peace of mind knowing their vital company information is stored in a safe and manageable place within the company infrastructure and without using any third party online storage providers.
  • GFI MailArchiver now also allows you to manage your archive better through the Outlook Connector or IMAP. In version 2014, users can rename and delete folders and also delete emails from the archive if they have the right permission level.
  • Full auditing features for larger organizations that use SQL + FS databases.

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