GFI FaxMaker pricing

All prices shown are per user and exclude tax. The main product is licensed by the number of users. To calculate the price, multiply the number of users by the unit band price. (Note: Product includes installation of one GFI FaxMaker server and includes four fax lines on that GFI FaxMaker server.)

Description Main price** Additional users
Upgrades** SMA***
5-9 users $115.00
10-24 users
25-49 users
50-99 users
100-249 users
Unlimited users

Additional lines pricing

All prices shown are per line and exclude tax.

Description Main price** SMA***
1-2 additional lines
3-10 additional lines
11+ additional lines
OCR Routing Module - Western
OCR Routing Module - Asian
OCR Routing Module - Western and Asian

Fax service channel

All prices shown exclude tax.

Description Price
GFI Online Fax Service Channel
etherFAX Fax Service Channel

Local fax services monthly plan

All prices shown exclude tax.

Description Monthly plan (GFI Online Fax service or Etherfax)
150 Fax pages inbound or outbound LOCAL*
500 Fax pages inbound or outbound LOCAL*
1000 Fax pages inbound or outbound LOCAL*
Fax services corporate plan ****
High Volume Fax plans
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Additional notes:

  • Fax service monthly plans, overages, additional numbers and number porting can only be purchased direct.
  • Number porting can only be purchased direct; it is not available on the website.
  • Fax services channels are available direct, through reseller and distribution.
  • A fax services channel is required to subscribe to a fax services monthly plan.
  • A fax service monthly plan cannot be changed midway through a month.

* Local
- Countries referred to as “local” are the US, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.
- Refers to fax sent or received from within the same country listed as local.
** Includes one year SMA
*** SMA = software maintenance agreement (renewal for one year); click here for important maintenance guidelines

**** Corporate Plan: Price displayed is the minimum monthly charge. Local fax pages are charged at a single, flat rate per page, regardless of quantity sent and received.

(Note: Unlimited fax server and unlimited lines are no longer sold. This is only used to renew existing customers.)

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