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What do our partners say?

We strive to provide powerful solutions that speak for themselves – and technical support that follows the same principle. But don’t just take our word for it. Here is a sample of the feedback our partners provided about our program and teaming with GFI:

Coolcat Inc. – Florida, US

“I am personally involved with evaluating new technology that we offer. I personally tested and trialed the GFI products and found them to be of real value and very functional. Nothing is comparable with their feature sets at that price point.

“Their support is jaw-dropping. I would be hard-pressed to tell you about another relationship that is as warm, personal and profitable.“

M & S Technologies – Texas, US

“We knew that we would get awesome support. GFI products are so easy to use and GFI is effortless to work with. We offer GFI software instead of other products fundamentally because we prefer it. We never receive any complaints, customers love it, and it is not as expensive as competitor products.

“They do everything well in our eyes, including the provision of loads of leads. Their technical team will happily visit customers, and their support is fantastic. Someone is always on hand for us – ready if there is a problem, and they are quick to get on the phone and help.”

Gregory Micallef Associates – London, UK

“Our partnership with GFI has allowed us to open the doors to clients and organizations that we wouldn’t have had without having them in our portfolio. One particular project we did well with GFI consisted of £10k (approximately US $15,240) worth of GFI licenses, £10k hardware and £15k (approximately $22,860) services, which led to another £15k worth of services the following year. Without GFI, we would not have gotten this project.

“They're accessible. We have good access to our account manager and a good relationship with senior members of their team too. This gives us good insight into where they're going, and communication flows both ways in terms of providing day-to-day comments and suggestions.”

Infosystems – Leicestershire, UK

“GFI is very easy to deal with and offers less expensive solutions than their competitors, which is critical for our SMB customers. The products are simple to use too.

“We have gained hundreds of new customers as a result of our partnership with GFI. We have subsequently been able to offer these customers our wide range of other services, such as IT support or web development. Many of our GFI customers end up coming back for other GFI products too.”

More partner feedback

Computer Revolution Africa - Nairobi, Kenya

"I must give credit to GFI for having brilliant products, and by far one of the best reseller programs we have worked with in a very long time. The products are easy to sell, as they simply work, are decently priced, and we get excellent service from the GFI team."

Valley Network Solutions - Fresno, US

"We have been a GFI Partner for several years and it's been a great partnership. As a Microsoft® and HP® Gold partner, we are very selective about who we partner with, choosing to align ourselves with only the industry leaders in each product category. GFI has stood out as the leader in email, fax server and security management for years, so they were a natural match for our business. Over the years, they've done an outstanding job of helping to support our efforts to expose more customers to the outstanding technology that they provide on a very cost-effective basis, and we truly appreciate their ongoing support."

CMC Networks - South Africa

"GFI software is excellently priced, very easy to download, very little maintenance required, excellent live support. Plus, they are 'market leaders' in their products."

Easo Informatica Vizcaya S.A. - Spain

"In our last three years selling GFI products we have increased our business in the messaging and security solutions area. The support given by GFI Spain is very good and our clients are satisfied with the different products, mainly with anti-spam GFI MailEssentials®, GFI FaxMaker® as well as other products."

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