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Not-for-resale software

As a GFI Partner, we provide you with ‘Not-For-Resale’ (NFR) versions of GFI Products at no charge*. (As long as an NFR key is active, the NFR license includes support at no charge). GFI’s NFR license policy is as follows:

As a new GFI Partner, when you completed our Partner Application you indicated the products for which you wanted to have NFR keys. We then sent you an email that provided a welcome to the GFI Partner Program, an explanation of the partner program as well as:

  • Your Customer ID (CID)
  • Registered Interim NFR Keys.

Your CID is the unique number that is registered to you and is absolutely critical to keep and use; all things that pertain to you and your ID are you are tracked via that number.

GFI partner program provides 90-day Interim NFR keys. NFR keys are based on the level of GFI product sales. We require that you make at least one purchase in the first 90-day period for those keys to remain active. If during the 90 days you make at least one purchase of the GFI product line, we extend those 90-day keys for an additional 90 days. With at least two (2) purchases in the 180-day period, we then extend the license for 12 additional months.

In order for your NFR key(s) to be renewed for a 12-month period, the requirement is that you complete at least two transactions with GFI in the prior one-year period.

At any time that you do not meet the purchasing requirements, then your NFR keys are no longer active, and you are not authorized to use those licenses.

All GFI NFR keys provide full product functionality. The difference in functionality between the NFR versions and the permanent license versions is only applicable to GFI FaxMaker and GFI MailEssentials. In these two products a small text appears, stating that the message was sent using a GFI product.

Partner-issued NFR keys will be placed in your customer account and the keys may be renewed on a yearly basis depending on your sales activity within the prior 12 months.

*PLEASE NOTE: GFI NFR products are not for internal use; internal use licenses can be purchased at a significant discount, please refer to your local office channel representative.