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Maintenance renewals

We recommend customers review these important renewal notes. You can also review our renewal guidelines in greater detail; and learn why it pays to have a maintenance agreement.

  • Customers who purchased from an authorized GFI Partner should contact their distributor to purchase their renewal.
  • Customers that have a valid software maintenance agreement (SMA) and license key will receive a notification to purchase maintenance renewals from their channel partner or GFI before expiration, depending on where the original license was purchased.
  • Customers who purchased through their channel partners will be contacted by them to renew. Customers who purchased directly with GFI will receive their renewal notice from GFI. Maintenance renewals can be purchased for one-, two- or three-year terms -- with discounts provided for terms of two and three years.
  • A 30 day grace is granted from the expiry date of the SMA for certain products and/or functionalities, for more information please contact our sales department.
  • Customers with an expired SMA may be charged a back-dated maintenance fee.

If you have questions about renewals, contact your authorized GFI reseller or your regional GFI office.