The return on investment (ROI) calculator

Easy to set up and use, GFI LanGuard acts as a virtual security consultant to give you a
complete picture of your network setup, provide risk analysis and help you to maintain a
secure and compliant network state faster and more effectively. GFI LanGuard assists you in
patch management, vulnerability assessment, network and software auditing, asset
inventory, change management, risk analysis and compliance.
Please enter appropriate numbers for your business into the white boxes to calculate your annual savings in various different categories. The computed subtotals and totals will be shown in green.

Yearly productivity savings

GFI LanGuard boosts the productivity of your IT department by automating
a lot of the tasks they need to perform.

Yearly network downtime savings

Network downtimes are often caused by security breaches. 90% of all network
security breaches are due to a software or hardware vulnerability caused by a
missing patch. GFI LanGuard ensures there are no missing patches.

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Yearly power savings

Reduce more than 50% of power consumption by just making sure the computers
are shut down during non working hours. GFI LanGuard can be used to scan computers
and deploy patches outside of normal working hours and to save power at the same time:
wake up computers for the operation and close them once it is complete.
Cost per kWh
working days per week
working hours per day
of computers already turned               off during non-working hours
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Yearly reputation, legal and data loss savings

Regular usage of GFI LanGuard drastically reduces the risk of security incidents.
The risks of having security incidents and their impact can be highly damaging to your
company profile. When they happen, here are some costs that need to be quantified:
Quantify the risk and the percentage of your business affected if your company
featured in a newspaper, on Facebook or Twitter because it suffered a security incident.

Estimate the cost of legal repercussions on your business due to privacy
protection laws being breached if employee, customer or partner data becomes public.

How much will the business be affected if you lose all your order-related data?
Security incidents can cause disastrous effects such as this.

How much will the business be affected if your development plans are seen by your competitors?
Security incidents can cause this to happen.

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GFI LanGuard costs and ROI

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Thank you for using the GFI LanGuard Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator.

From what you have told us about your business, we calculate that your:
Yearly savings from
improved IT department productivity is:
Yearly savings from
reduced network downtime is:
Yearly savings from
power saving is:
Year savings from
reputation, legal and data loss savings is:
Your total annual savings are:
The cost to deploy GFI LanGuard on your network devices is:
This means that it would take months to recover
your investment and is a return on investment of:

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