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IT Staff Experience Increasing Levels of Stress in 2015

The survey focuses on the levels of stress felt by today’s IT admins. It also highlights the impacts of such stress levels on the quality of life and on life decisions such as a change in career.

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  • How to protect from threats against USB enabled devices

    The Chinese have become a popular punching bag since their economy is booming, their influence is growing and their cyber history is a wee bit sketchy, writes GFI's general manager, Sergio Galindo. Source: Help-Net Security

  • iOS Security Reports Say No iPhone Is Safe

    Network security firm GFI Software issued a report that ranked operating systems by number and severity of vulnerabilities reported in 2014. Source: Information Week

  • Chrome mit den meisten Sicherheitslücken

    Die Auswertung auf Basis der durch die US-Regierung veröffentlichten Schwachstellen in National Vulnerability Database (NVD) durch GFI Software kommt hingegen zu einem anderen Ergebnis. Dort rangiert der Internet Explorer mit 220 schweren Sicherheitslücken vor Google Chrome, für den lediglich 86 registriert wurden. Source:

  • Das Internet der Dinge ist keine Utopie mehr

    Beim Internet of Things, kurz IoT, sind alle Gegenstände des Alltags miteinander vernetzt, um autonom untereinander zu kommunizieren. Für den Austausch von Daten ist eine bewusste, vom Menschen gesteuerte Bedienung nicht länger erforderlich. Source: Praxis

  • Survey Finds IT Security Pros Under Increasing Pressure

    A GFI Software survey last year found that 79 percent of IT staff are actively considering leaving their jobs due to work-related stress, up from 57 percent the year before. One third of respondents to that survey said they regularly lose sleep over work pressures, and one quarter said they had suffered stress-related illnesses. Source: esecurity planet

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