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Earth Day 2014: 18 tips for greener IT

on April 22, 2014

Today we mark Earth Day, and hopefully remind everyone that they can play their part, not just today, but every day, to help preserve what is left of our planet and its natural resources. IT can do a lot to …


Nine months in the making [Video]

on February 28, 2014

Enjoy this visual journey that takes you from the initial works on the new GFI office building in Malta in March 2013, to completion and relocation in December 2013. In just four minutes, this video spans nine months, from the …


The 31 funniest SSIDs I’ve ever seen

on February 27, 2014

Whenever I’m at a restaurant, airport or anywhere in town, I invariably look for free Wi-Fi access. Often, the SSID names used are standard fare. However, I occasionally come across some really witty and hilarious SSIDs. This article features some …


ScooterBug – Keeping their distributed workforce secure

on February 26, 2014

Orlando, FL USA: Robert L Jimenez II is a busy man. He forms part of an IT team of two at ScooterBug, and it’s their job to ensure that IT systems are running smoothly and to speedily deal with user …


Get back… To the future of faxing

on February 21, 2014

How much could you improve your business with more money and time to spend on jobs that generate revenue? It may seem like a pointless question to ask, let alone answer. Budget increases can be tough to come by given …


IT according to Emmanuel: Something you love, live and experience

on February 20, 2014

Emmanuel Carabott, Security Research Manager at GFI and a writer on this blog, celebrates his 15th anniversary with the company this month. Angelica Micallef Trigona interviews him to learn more about his passion for IT and for GFI itself.


Top 10 free database tools for sys admins

on February 19, 2014

This article lists 10 of the best free tools for managing, comparing, administering and developing databases. Even if you may have heard of some of these tools before, I’m confident that you’ll find a gem or two on this list. …


The latest news from the GFI Cloud team [Video]

on February 18, 2014

Watch this video to learn more about the latest release of GFI Cloud from Pete and Elad, the Development and Product Managers, respectively. Hear about the latest updates on GFI Cloud from Pete and Elad, our Development and Product Managers. …


Do operating systems matter anymore?

on February 17, 2014

Once upon a time, all of us, from avid computer hobbyists to IT pros and computer “experts”, were enlisted in the OS wars. Divided into three basic camps – Windows, Linux and Mac – we battled passionately for our operating systems …


Techno rebels without a cause

on February 14, 2014

Remember when being a nerd was a quiet act of rebellion, back before it became a fashion statement?  Many of us grew up in a time and place when being interested in computers marked you as a little odd – …


It’s 2014 – Why haven’t all businesses gone wireless?

on February 13, 2014

I remember when networking your computers meant running cables, usually coax or Ethernet (any other old folks around who recall ArcNet and Token Ring?). In the very early days, “computer rooms” had built-up floors with a mess of cords and …