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Google’s Postini™ Is No More – Here’s an Alternative

on October 25, 2012

Google has recently announced that its Postini services will be discontinued, starting with renewals in November of 2012, with the expectation that it will be completely shut down by the end of 2013.

Google acquired Postini  back in 2007, and is now requiring Postini customers to migrate to Google Apps for Business™ or to find another email security solution. The Postini Small Business Edition, Postini Service Provider Edition and the Google Message Filtering™ are being phased out completely in favor of the Google Apps platform, while the existing Message Encryption™ service has yet to have an announced replacement.

An alternative

We at GFI realize that this is not great news for existing Postini users, who may be concerned with the forced migration, the likely substantially higher long-term costs with Google Apps, and the permissive Google privacy policy that may result in ads being targeted to users based on the contents of their emails.   As a result we are offering current Postini users the option to switch to GFI MailEssentials® Online and receive the service at no charge for the duration of their Postini contract.

Why switch to GFI MailEssentials Online?

For starters, you’ll get robust spam and anti-virus protection, an easy to use control panel, low pricing, great support by phone, plus an optional integrated archiving.

In addition, unlike with Postini’s filtering service, with MailEssentials Online you will have built-in email continuity — meaning that your users will be able to access, respond to and send emails, even if your mail server is down – at no extra cost.

Resellers, who may be currently using the Postini Service Provider Edition, can retain control of their customers and provide an equivalent or better solution by switching to GFI MailEssentials Online. Like end customers, resellers can transition domains to the GFI service at no cost for the remainder of the Postini contract.

What Does GFI MailEssentials Online Offer?

GFI MailEssentials Online is a comprehensive email security solution, with robust cloud-based spam and virus protection, network defense, email continuity, and optional integrated email archive.  It can be  set up in minutes, and requires no capital expenditure, and little or no ongoing maintenance.

By itself, the built-in continuity is extremely valuable.  In the event of an email outage, MailEssentials Online allows your users to continue receiving and sending emails — rather than have business grind to a halt.

Last but not least, the service includes  competent, responsive, locally-based technical support via email and phone. While  the service requires minimal maintenance and is designed to be so simple to use that there is no need for any training, in the event of any issues or questions our support team is always happy to help.


If you are ready to try GFI as an alternative to Postini before being required to migrate to Google Apps, get in touch with us today and we will show you how simple and effective GFI MailEssentials Online can be for your business.


About the Author:

Eric is General Manager of GFI’s hosted email services, having joined GFI in 2009 after the company’s acquisition of Katharion, a cloud-based email security provider for which Eric was CEO. With a focus for over 15 years on hosted applications, Eric has founded and directed several technology businesses, resulting in three acquisitions.

Dan Sullivan October 26, 20123:49 pm

Please, what a load of lazy, misleading nonsense. Google have announced nothing of the sort. They have announced they are transitioning all Postini customers from the old infrastructure that came with the Postini aquisition to the latest Google platform which is bigger, better, faster and even more secure. It also means that Postini customers will now enjoy the massive rate of development and new features that has become the norm for other applications on this plaform.

they are not forcing customer to use Google Apps, Postini customers can continue to use whatever mail server or service they like. this is great news for Postini customers. Please guys have more respect for your customers and prospects and tell the truth. More information available at this page

Christina Goggi November 8, 201211:23 am

The Google announcement is more than a transition to a new technology platform. Google is clearly trying to grow its Google Apps customer base, and their announcements of made it clear that they are terminating their Postini offering and asking their Postini customers to transition to the Google Apps platform. This is not a criticism of the Google Apps platform, and it is true that most of the Postini functionality is also available with Google Apps — along with additional functionality. However, customers may still have several concerns about this change — notably, any risks of the migration itself, the Google privacy policy which was developed with a bent towards the primary Google advertising business, and the long-term customer costs for Google Apps (even if not its full functionality is not used) relative to the Postini pricing.

Max Connors December 6, 20127:10 pm

Dan, I’m guessing you are only looking at this from your perspective. What about Postini customers that are using these services and have no interest in a Google Apps. We are perfectly happy using Postini as a filtering service and do not want Google Apps. We’ve tested it and it just does not fit our business model. All this decision does is force us (and many others) to fix something that isn’t broken. At least GFI is offering a comparable solution to those in a similar position.

Andy Wise December 11, 20125:54 pm

Well they have written to me saying they are shutting down Postini and I have to transition to Google Apps!

Rob Green December 18, 20125:39 am

We use only Postini Spam Filtering (which became Google Message Filtering). That is not transferring up to Google Apps. Google Message Security is, but not Google Message Filtering. So it is definitely not true that we can simply migrate to Google Apps. We can’t. Blah Google.

Mindy February 21, 20133:07 pm

Also, it should be noted that Postini’s spooling service is going away with the Google Apps transition. Their new “solution” is to deliver your mail to a gmail account while your onsite server is down. Guh? No thanks.